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Blue is the New Green

Environmental concerns are a reality we all have to deal with. Short term and long term ramifications of unmitigated pollution will be felt for decades to come. The Green Movement was born in the 60's to address these issues but  it has largely failed. Mostly due to its misplaced, albeit good intentioned, emphasis on the environment first and people second. Requiring people to "Give Up" material possessions to save the planet.  Unfortunately, this will never work. 

"People just aren't going to give up their cell phones to save the planet." Jordan Peterson

The Blue Movement founded in 2008 and widely adopted in Europe, Puts people first, and builds Environmentally Friendly solutions around People and their daily activity.

 Blue means you don't have to choose.  

Azul Asset Management is an Environmentally friendly, People Centric Real Estate Developer and Third Party Asset Manager. Founded with a mission to create and manage environmentally friendly, people centric real estate investments.. 

We put together, manage and consult on “Blue” Real Estate Investments.  

Built for Investors by Investors

 Azul Asset Management  was founded by experienced Institutional Real Estate Professionals who have weathered over 25 years of market ups and downs. 

"We were tired of listening to so called Real Estate Pros touting their Real Estate acume, never having experienced a downturn." 

Investing is easy when the market is rising. True Professionals understand the potential downside risk when the market turns, analyse it and prepare for it.  At Azul Asset Management were in it for the long haul and prepare accordingly. 


Azul Asset Management has over 25 years of Real Estate experience. Our CEO led one of two FDIC Asset Management Division for the FDIC during the 2008 Financial Crisis. He led the takedown and work out of over 150 banks and the Sale and Reposition of over 23,000 Assets.

"I was fortunate to have a front row seat to history" 

CEO Azul Asset Management

We've seen what happens when the bottom drops out and know what to do to protect our investors in the short and long term.